Andrew Davison

BSc (Hons), MBCS, MIScT

By day, I manage the recording and production studios, technical equipment facilities and various dedicated networks and services at the University of Salford. If it's not the day I try to do things other than work, with varying degrees of success.

I'm a member of the British Computing Society and the Institute of Science and Technology, and completed my Avid Certified Pro Tools Operator training many years ago. Strictly speaking, I'm also an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator from back when that was a thing.

My specialist subject is studio infrastructure and systems design, particularly the integration of networked and computing technologies. My academic background is in Psychology, where my focus was on human-computer interaction and auditory perception.

Tinker time usually boils down to very simple microcontroller-based hardware design or software for embedded systems, though this has to compete with family and snowboarding, which often win. I also appear to have become a bit of a computer security geek in recent years.